Seahawks WIN Super Bowl XLVIII

Our Seattle Seahawks came away Super Bowl Sunday with an incredible victory over the Denver Broncos (43 to 8) in what played out to be one of the best performances in an NFL title game with a defense that ranks among the greatest ever. This is the Seattle Seahawks first Super Bowl win in the franchise history. This awesome defense wouldn’t let Peyton Manning have any kind of rhythm to get much of anything out of the pocket.

Vegas was equally disappointing as they had favored the Denver Broncos by 2 ½ points and even had the over-under at a mere 47 ½; close, but had Denver been allowed to score more, this would have been an even bigger blow.

We are excited to welcome back our winning team and wish Peyton Manning (five-time MVP) and the Denver Broncos all the best as they did win the AFC division and I’m sure never expected the blow the Seattle Seahawks delivered in what has turned out to be an awesome time for the Northwest.

As the second youngest-team to win a Super Bowl victory, I believe we will have the opportunity to return to the Super Bowl in the very near future. Go Hawks!!

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